Accademia del Profumo web platform

Client: Accademia del profumo

Vehicle: website realized in collaboration with Porphirius WA (programming)

Project: In 2001, the Californian company DigiScents launched an innovative product called iSmell. It's a usb device that gives off a certain scent when you visit a website or open an email. Great invention, but how reliable? Not that much, iSmell is still in its infancy and it will take at least a decade to be fully developed. The only way to give each site its 'scent' is therefore the oldest 'web method': stimulating suggestions and evocative capacity through colors, lines and consistent original graphics signs. So did Pensativa, defining the Look&Feel (or better the Look&Smell) of the 'Accademia del Profumo' website, the association that groups all the companies of the perfumery art.The result is under everyone's nose: to let hundreds of perfume enter in your house there's no need for iSmell, just open a new window and type

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