Client: Asset (Association for the Development of a Health Care Excellence in Turin)

Vehicle: benchmarking circles

Project: 'The patient in the center'. The recipe is simple, everyone knows it. Yet, despite of the kind words, patients continue to remain on the sidelines of the decision-making processes and to 'benefit' of poor or even counterproductive services. Through the Asset project, Pensativa contributes to the construction of a new hospital model. An 'other' hospital  that finally makes justice to its etymological meaning: 'hospice' as a housing in which we taking care of  guests, you give them importance, attention and refreshment. Then why not  realizing a real 'five-star' structure? With personnel trained in listening and communicating. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative telemedicine tools. With multimedia posts incorporated in ergonomic beds. With quality food and custom 'diets'. With a way-finding system that is distracted proof. It is not science fiction, it's just the hospital of the future ...