For a Better World

Cliente:Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: communication tools for the initiative 'For a Better World: contest of ideas for a sustainable consumption'

Project: If World was better place, really better than what it is, how would it be? According to the Piedmontese upper-schools students, to whom Regione Piemonte posed this question, in a better world people would live 'slow', would care about their territory and their cultural identity, they would restlessly reuse, recycle and  restructure, they would live under the Eco-style (who know what it means?) precepts and, hear ye, they would never claim the right of feeling innocents. Would it really be a better world? We don't know. What we know, instead, is that in a better world we would all have the untamed spirit of the Drum Theatre, a drawing percussionist group (many of them are disabled) that ended with style the awards ceremony.