IX International biennal of photography - Turin

Client: Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia

Vehicle: catalogue

Project: How beautiful can photo exhibitions be? To us, photography lovers, even the not unforgettable ones are beautiful. Imagine when, instead, you talk about one of those hard and eloquent exhibitions like this one, programmaticly called 'Border Stories'. The border we are talking about acquires many and different forms: from the boxing gym in Mexico City, to blood flooded butchers, from the stuffed animals of the Natural Science Museum to a super-contaminated Indian village (Jaduguda) builded around uranium mine. How many borders, how many border-situation of jaspersian memory... But how it's possible to graphically represent them all with a simple sign, a least common denominator between all those human experiences? It's easy, you simply need to look at the walls of a house, any house.