You know what? A carnet will be worthwhile

Client:GTT, Turin

Vehiclecampaign for the new prices of passes, tickets, carnet

Project: Rents forbidden for high-blood pressured, gas at the price of Barolo, spread in route for the moon, what to do? GTT found two ways to save you: the carnet and the season tickets. The ticket price marked up? We, in tandem with Mailander Studio, tough ' You know what? A carnet will be worthwhile'. We let a bespectacled professor and a housewife coming back from the market say it. We chose real, credible, people like the one you can meet everyday on the tram or on the bus, to communicate at the audience the convenience of the formulas of pass and carnet. So, immerse in his music, the student is doubtless, just like the elegant business woman, with a great talent in trades:” The pass? Our best investment!”