Camerana & Partners web platform

Client: Camerana & Partners

Vehicle: Project of

Project: Have you ever tried to make the website of a famous architect? Well, it's an experience. Because even if your name were Milton Glaser, he would always know more than you. Beware, however, it is not presumption, because he's 'cocky' neither more or less like you are, meaning that, just like you, he 'presumes' to do his job at the highest possible level. And there's nothing wrong with that. Only that in the end he's right, because architects have on us 'graphics' at least six thousand years of advantage: they designed at the time of Assyro-Babylonian, when this word, so fashionable today, was only in God's mind. Camerana wanted a website that highlighted the beautiful photos he usually take to document his creations. We satisfied him. He wanted a elegant website, where elegance, as it is for Japanese, is the art of subtraction. We satisfied him, or rather he satisfied him self, because we, as Eduardo said, " we just put in our ignorance"...