Celiac disease at school

Client: Italian Celiac Assosiation

Vehicle: Informative pamphlet about the problem of celiacs at school

Project: A way back celiac disease was considered as a typical pediatric condition. Today we know that it's not true: celiac disease may appear at any age and it's a lifetime condition. Having said that it's obvious that when the disease arise in school age it's a very delicate moment; and not only because of the physical malaise, it provokes in the child, but also and above all because of the lacking of available knowledge, the insufficiency of attentions, the rigidity in finding alternative solutions and putting to use 'solutions' that often reveal themselves as source of disconfort too.

To fight to all these difficulties, the Italian Celiac Association published a simple informative pamphlet. The message is: the problem of celiacs in school can be faced without dramas, knowing and wanting the right things it's enough. And we? We tried to create a graphic look and a set of illustrations that keep up with the content. In our opinion, it's not a gold-brick