Culture in cooking up in the pot

Client: Intesa Sanpaolo

Vehicle: Interactive Game for the 2009 Salone del Gusto in Turin

Project: Official sources estimate that an horde of 180,000 wine and food enthusiasts was crowded the Salone del Gusto: more or less the number of Modena inhabitants, not bad eh. For the insiders housing the throngs foodies coming from everywhere wasn't easy... So while skillful cooks were filling bellies, we were trying to satiate intellects. How? Trough 'La cultura bolle in pentola' ('The culture is cooking up in the pot'), a tasty interactive quiz with well-cooked questions, divided into 5 'courses': active and passive wine and food, cinema, literature and music. The results? Those who in life were inspired by the 'every little bit helps' recipe went home with a savory gift. Pensativa, with VRMMP, minded the entire job: from projecting to naming, from questions to softwares with graphic interfaces, giving birth to a delicious first dish rich of food and knowledge.