PagineBianche d'Autore Catalogue

Cliente:SEAT Pagine Gialle

Vehicle: Catalogue for the contest PagineBianche d’Autore

Progetto: The writer Thomas Berger once said "What is art but a way of seeing?". At Pensativa we restored to a particular way of seeing: the tridimensional one (base x height x depth), very similar to Seat Pagine Gialle one (those, among other things, of  PG Visual, the geo-referential 3d platform). Thanks to the prestigious expert advise of an historic of contemporary art (Cristina Giudice) and a sociologist (Salvatore Cominu), we've not only analyzed the artistic background of the over four hundred authors (base) and stimulate their talent and their technical competency (height), but we also felt in to the works bringing to surface the concepts and meanings stranded in their fervent creative depths (depth). The aim? Define the social and artistic visual trends of Italian society. We succeeded? Go, read the catalogue, but be careful: 3D glasses are not supplied.