L'Italia chiamò

Client: Intesa Sanpaolo

Vehicle: Interactive game for the 2010 Turin Book Fair

Project: “Encore, encore!”...How many musicians, Paganini excluded, dream this incitement at the end of a performance? Even here at Pensativa sometimes we let our self go trough illusions and dreams of that range. This time the dream became true and the  prophetic formula wasn't pronounced by a common viewer but by Intesa Sanpaolo, who asked us to help them repeating the success obtained at the 2008 Book Showroom with Job-Box. We were ready, and with Intesa Sanpaolo and Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park we produced 'l'Italia Chiamò', an interactive game though witch visitors have tried out their knowledge of the las 150 years  of Italian history, answering 10 question about art, politic, literature, music, cinema and sport... To those who made an en plein we tone a great “encore, encore!”, because by now we know that achieving a result gives a certain satisfaction, but repeating it is even better.