Real-time VR application 'Piedmont for real'

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: virtual reality application to promote Piedmontese 'excellence'

Project: The aim is ambitious: to show Piedmont beauties to journalists, politicians and foreign opinion makers without moving them from home. How to do it? Pensativa with the architectural studio Xb2, bet on virtual reality. Two mounts of had work and Piedmont par Excellence is born, one of the first example of a virtual reality app used in communication and advertising field.

A success in Italy, in Paris, even in India ... The proposal is tasty: the stranger, whether he is a journalist, a politician or anybody else, enters a curious tent (like the one of Sioux) made of opalescent walls, wears headband (head mounted display), equipped gloves (dataglove), and is ready for the journey. Here we go, the discovery of the rooms dedicated to the 'excellence' of Piedmont begins , that means wine, design, textile, automation, food and jewelery. Not bad, this virtual reality!