Domuss- Advanced Documentary System

What is it: an advanced document management system that, in addition to storage, allows a faster research in the full text of documents, even in those result of scanning/optical copy.

Hierarchization: the system is provided with a two level file hierarchy: groups of documents and single ones. A group of documents (first level) can be, for example, a project (e.g. The launch of a new product) that in its inside (second level) has a batch of single documents ( e.g. The initial brief, the product description, the technical specifics, the user manual).
A group of documents has some features (e.g. Beginning and ending date, product name, project supervisor, team members, commercialization areas) inherited by every document. Every single document has also some proper features (name, type of file, issue date, review, etc...)

Indexing engine: the system has an indexing engine for texts and data related to documents and groups of documents that allows to perform fast, effective and complete  researches. E.g. you can search for a list of files containing the words 'scouting' and 'competition', that preferably include also 'Europe', and belong to projects commercialized in Asia from 2009 to 2011. The system, in half a second, shows the documents corresponding to those criteria, cleverly ordered (first those considered semantically more pertinent).

Displaying: for each document responding to the given criteria, the system shows an abstract of the matching sentence, the belonging page and a link to open the file in the current page, to read the paragraph or paste and copy it in other documents.

Selection: the system allows a 'classical' surfing trough groups of documents and the complete files list, even here there's a 'filter' selection, useful to quickly identify the desired files. While gradually keying the filter, at each new type, the system immediately selects the documents list showing only those that in the title or in any other related metadata (date, area, supervisior...) containing the world typed up to that moment.

Integrated OCR: the system manages PDF documents, searchable and non, thanks to an integrated optical identification system of the text (OCR). People can insert PDF documents resulting from a scanning or optical copy of the original: the system automatically transforms them into digital indexable files with extracted text. From the resulting PDF it is also possible to select, copy and/or paste the text in other digital documents.

Customization: the system can also be personalized depending on the metadata someone wants to link to groups and single documents, in order to adapt as much as possible to the client needs. This way the documental management can be accomplished by a low office (e.g. To search for similar cases already ran by the studio or others) but also by a construction consortium (e.g. To find planning and practical solutions already used in other previous projects, or in public announcement by other companies, etc...) and much more...

Optional 1: it is possible to add a document acquisition system from copying/scanning machines connected with the main system, in order to get rid, once for all, of hardcopy archivesi

Optional 2: it is possible to implement modules that allow the management of every kind of digital format document; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc...