Jet-Lav is a software matching the needs of companies or citizens with the opportunity offered by Public Administrations, reachable trough the web  and eventually from mobile platforms (i-Phone/i-Pad, Android, etc...).

Usually, for those who wants to avail some of the benefits offered by a public authority its hard to understand if they posse the required qualifications or not; usually it's necessary to turn to a professional that, having acquaintance with bureaucratic language and deviousness, is able to clarify if starting the application practice is worth it or not.  
With Jet-Lav everything changes: to know if you have the potential right to a certain benefit you just need to connect with an online application, follow the instructions,type the requested informations and wait a few seconds. With a great saving of time and money. Easier than that... Adopting the Jet-Lav solution public administrations demonstrate to be pretty close to the needs of their administered.