Eminent artisans, entertaining artisans – Press pages Artisan Excellence

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: advertisements on La Stampa to celebrate the artisans recognized as 'excellent' by Regione Piemonte

Project:  The brand ‘Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana' (Piedmont Artisan Excellence) is only given to companies that operate granting the absolute quality of their products. Regione Piemonte decides to offer these 'excellent artisan' a public showcase, inserting their names in a list – divided for activity sectors – to be periodically published on the daily newspaper La Stampa. To Pensativa the task to sew the pages dedicated to each different artisan category. Not really a cakewalk: every time, hundreds of names, surnames and addresses, to be made 'pleasant' for the eyes. Our graphic designer was every time on the verge of tears: to cheer him up we played a bit with words.