Tell me how you 'selfie' and I will...

12 Mar 2014

The future of marketing, communications, sociology and all our socio-digital life is undoubtedly linked to the development of the phenomenon we call big data.

Which, however, is not always so esoteric and vaguely threatening as it's usually described. Take for example this initiative promoted by Lev Manovich and focused on the social fashion of the moment: the selfie. In essence  has surveyed the selfies shot by the inhabitants of five mega-cities (Bangkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York and Sao Paulo) and analyzed them with the tools of statistics and digital image analysis. The results are interesting and here, of course, we won't anticipate them. We'll quote only one that seems particularly surprising: the city with the most 'smiling' selfies is Bangkok, even better than Sao Paulo. Is this due to the typical Buddhist propensity to joyful and peaceful acceptance?