The power of con-text

09 Nov 2013

Working with ontologies teaches us immediately something very important : giving meaning to things corresponds to place them in the proper context.


Twitter is changing

06 Nov 2013

Twitter is about to go public (with fanfare) on Wall Street and this upcoming turn gives rise to a whole series of important changes.


Semantic Web for Begginers (not necessarily Dummies)

04 Nov 2013

It usually works this way: you hear talking about 'semantic web' by someone who looks like he's knowing what's what, and you think " Wow, terrific, I'd like to know more". First, as normal, you ask enlightenment to those who look like knowing what's what, but most of the times the outcome is not encouraging. Strange talks, pseudo-technical big words, assorted esotericisms: in one word, the mystery deepens. Then you start smelling around on the web, but you can't get out of it , for it's difficult to spot something clear and meaningful in a massive amount of platforms, blogs, social pages and whatever.