Guest is the King

Client: Terre dei Savoia Association

Vehicle: adv on the magazine ADAC (German Automobile Club)

Project: How many times did we write Client with capital C? How many times we told the world that we are obsessed with the Client, that to make him happy we are willing to do anything (!), that all we always think about it's Him, and other songs and dances like this? Too many, it's true. In the end, it's a sort of habit, an insane tendency acquired in years and hard to change. So hard that, hurts to admit, with this job we felt back into it, we made it again, we came back to the rhetoric of capital C. However, if it's true that we are many in cultivating vices, it's also true not everybody knows how to live them well, brilliantly, with sublime nonchalance the way we do. And with this job we think we've made it. We tell german motorists that at our place, in the Savoy's Lands, the guest is King (or Queen), and yes, it's lap dogging.... But if we go to see how we represented the german tourist (he is the lawyer Guglielmo Tortarolo, she's no less than Laura Milani, IAAD director) and the royal service offered in our districts, well, then everything changes. The irony pops out: we play archly, but at the same time winking we denounce our selves and we call for calm, for reason, ludic spirit and historic virtues exercise. And the sin is less heavy.