Italian Passion Catalogue

Client: SEAT Pagine Gialle

Vehicle: Catalogue of Italian Passion contest

Project:Young but not that much. In the occasion of his super-celebrated  sesquicentennial, Seat Pagine Gialle challenged Italy making a giant self-portrait. Whetting her so that she narrates her self trough images. From here sprigged the photographic magma of the contest Italian Passion, that we tried to ordinate with a reasoned catalogue. Over 500 pages dedicated to new young talents, professionals photographers, but also absolute beginners. The result is surprising, because it gives us back 'old-times Italy', made of potters and chisels, neorealistic barbers and ,little old women sitting outside the door. How is it possible? Why photographers' eye carries on portraying a country which doesn't have nothing truly contemporary? We found an hypothetical answer bothering the sociologist Salvatore Cominu and the historic of photography Daniela Trunfio. If you wanna know how it ended, you just have to read, but above all enjoy the Italian Passion Catalogue.