Client: Intesa Sanpaolo

Vehicle: Interactive game for the 2008 Turin Book Fair

Project: 3 stations, 8 questions, 24 answers, over 6500 combinations, more than 40.000 completed questionnaires during the XXI Turin Book Fair. All for one purpose: to offer thousand of young people the chance to discover their ideal job. Photo-editor? Archaeologist? Interior Designer? Pharmacist? Monaco? We ventured into the immense congeries of professions, combining the rational-analytic approach with a bit of imagination and a playful spirit. Pensativa in collaboration with Mailander Studio and VRMMP, minded all the steps of the work: from conception to realization of the questionnaires up to  software, graphic passing through to production of promotional flyers. Everything in a week of time and the undeniable fear of not making it... At the end we left with a question: why, often, jobs made in haste turn out to be the best?