La settimana enigmatica

Client: Carlo Molo Foundation

Vehicle: 'La Settimana Enigmatica' booklet

Project: The  Carlo Molo Foundation in Turin fights against one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed diseases of our time: aphasia. A disease made of words, and therefore inconspicuous, that plunges many people in what Karl Jaspers called ' extreme situations '. Imagine after a stroke finding yourselves without your usual language management skills: you think one thing  and say something else, always picking the wrong words, your mind goes in one direction but  language goes the other way. It's as if by magic, the 'others ' were behind a thick glass wall and you screaming, crawling, floundering in every possible way, keep on failing to let everybody understand you. Can you imagine something more desperate? We don't, and to help Carlo Molo Foundation to narrate their daily struggle with aphasia we imagined to immerse ourselves in a strange ' Settimana Enigmistica' (the Italian crosswords magazine par excellence) transfigured by an evil demon that has taken away all the solutions and left us a world of unresolved enigmas. This is how the 'Settimana Enigmatica' was born, a publication that, fortunately, does not boast any attempt of imitation.