Letters from Olimpia

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: promotional brochure to present Piedmont in Europe in occasion of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin

Project: The Olympic Games represented an unrepeatable showcase for Turin and  Piedmont. The organization committee chose to present the image of a region in ferment, jazzed up by a contagious passion 'Passion lives here', the Olympic Turin motto. How to transmit this emotion in a brochure destined  to be spread in million copies, in attached to the best european press (Wall Street Journal, Die Zeit, El Mundo, Le Figaro etc...) and in the main airport of the Old Continent? Pensativa choose to 'narrate' Piedmont trough the send and received mail of foreigns that visit the region in the imminence of the Olympic Games. A Swedish engineer, an English scientific representative, a Spanish student in Erasmus, a Russian dancer and even an alien.... Five completely different stories, sights and stiles to invite family and friends to visit the Land of Games.