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Client:Studio Mailander

Tool: Look&Feel for

Project: Do you know Mailander Studio? If you do, then you know it's an important 'reputation building' society and you can easily verify that the new look&feel fits them like a glove. Otherwise, if you don't know them, well, it's a shame, because they are good and because you can't see the beauty of the portrait we made for them. Actually it wasn't that hard, because the portrait was made by them in person. Entering in the steel-white meeting room it's enough to catch the zen- Piedmontese atmosphere, made of thin elegance and passion for details; to array with the taste for structure that is more work liturgy than reverence for the appearance; to understand that the term dry doesn't belong only to cocktails or non Savoyard climate, but also to a certain kind of flawless industriousness. We just put it on paper, or better on monitor. Even Ugo Mulas' pictures, that portray an inspired Fontana dedicated in defacing his canvas, are their choses. In the end? The jobs we prefer are those where clients have the bravery to truly talk about themselves.