Design university


Client: Institute of Applied Art and Design

Vehicle: institutional, but not too much, brochure

Project: We need to talk about a school that, merged with a similar french school  (Ecole de Condé) has now an international dimension, has been finally validated as a first level university and, as if these news weren’t enough, just moved in a tremendous new location co-owned with one of the most big food and beverage italian agency (Lavazza). Easy, you may think, with this amount of great news! No, instead, it's not easy at all, because beyond the important news narrating a school it's nothing but easy. Let's start with order: every place is kneaded by the ideal of those who live in it, who work there, by visitors and strollers. But in the end, places are not so democratic, they all have an owner, a god, a devotee, one or more subjects that define and guard the prevalent imaginary. At your place it's you, at the Vatican the Pope with the wheeler-dealer cardinal of the moment. Every place it the same, except for one: school. Yes, because school is the den of the imaginary of all those who frequent it.  School is everybody's and therefore necessarily multi-poetical. Everybody, from director to retired teacher, from class representative up to the more introvert  freshman, have their idea of school and they don't want to give it up for the simple reason that in that school there's an important part of their identity.  We are the school we attended, even the one where we failed.  Fine, but how are we supposed to talk about a place like this? Witch one of the thousand stories it's made of should we choose? We did this way: we reminded of a wonderful old book that was quite another thing ( The empire of signs by  Roland Barthes) e we said let's try to narrate IAAD as if it was Barthes  mysterious Japan. Arbitrary decision, because we could have acted differently, choose another strategy. Instead we choose this one and we were right.