Urizen's mask

Client: Global Value

Vehicle: Business 'thriller'

Project: One of the biggest informatics business, born by a nervy merge between Fiat and Ibm, presents the TTC program, Transition & Transformation Change Management. And what's the big deal? Beyond the very à la page acronym, there's a huge organizational revolution. The problem is that beyond the AD and the four responsible that turned the company up side down, nobody  else understood anything yet. So what? Just a book can solve the problem. But pay attention, we are not talking about a business book  filled with technicalities... To restore the aslept eros of the team we need a thriller, a spy story. Who better than a spy can describe the organizational structure of a firm in witch he seeped to get information for the competitors? This is how Carlo Urizen was born, the less dangerous spy on Earth. At the end he will be caught, but meanwhile many secrets will be reviled.