IAAD's Presentations

Cliente: IAAD - Istituto di Arte Apllicata e Design, Torino

Vehicle:  'IAAD's Design Brand New World' map and 'IAAD. Design University' institutional brochure

Project: Here at Pensativa we always say that to efficiently communicate you have to: 1. find something new from the standard market, 2. guess what the potential client wants to hear and, above all, how he wants it to be said. Nothing new, but let’s say the truth, attaining to principles it’s much harder than formulating them. In this case, by the way, we think we made it, we've cling to our believes and we’re proud of it.
We needed to talk to young finch that, diploma in hand, are now thinking to enrol at IAAD, the well known design university. What to they need? A map to guide them, that’s what they need. And that’s what they had from us: a map where instead of buildings, squares, streets, you'll find the imaginary and conceptual geography of IAAD: an archipelago with a futuristic lighthouse standing out in the middle and all around the four departments islands: Transportation, Industrial, Interior and Communication. The text goes strict to the point to the questions mattering for our heroes, no beating around the bush, no fibs. If you're here you're here, and if you're not...
Otherwise we needed to talk to IAAD’s institutional interlocutors, difficult, sophisticated and disillusioned people. In this case we let us inspire by a very beloved book ‘Empire of signs’ by Roland Barthes in the mythic Struzzi edition. Different theme, same eros. The ingredients are: a story, IAAD’s story, lots of images, IAAD’s ones, and then gleaning as required; some hand written notes, those of IAAD’S supervising-god. Result: we had fun and we hope readers will too.