ClientRegione Piemonte and Regione Valle d'Aosta

Tool: mobile app 

UBO - A Good Opportunity (iOS / Android; categories Food & Drink / Tools)

Project: Finally, for once, we also have been able to do something socially useful. We don't usually like to position ourselves at the absolut social futility level, but, well, to be actually 'useful' is another matter. This time, perhaps, we succeeded. Not many are aware of it, but food waste is one of the worst and ethically intolerable plagues afflicting our society. To understand what we're talking about, just consider that if we could eliminate the phenomenon of food waste and redistribute that food to the people who need it, we would by the same token solve the problem of world hunger. Not a problem whatsoever... the world hunger! UBO is a mobile application for iOS and Android that provides consumers with all the necessary information to properly store over 500 different foods, to make correct portions sizes and to compile a very useful and practical electronic shopping list. In short, a veritable anti-food waste handbook. The brief we received from customers of the Piedmont Region and the Region of Valle d'Aosta was clear and demanding: "Watch out - we were told - that the issue of food waste brings with it a vague feeling of depression, an annoying aftertaste of misery. In our society, from Trimalcione forward, those who waste are considered rich, happy and socially integrated, while those who save and reuse resources ultimately appear as poors, as losers forced to the edge of society. This is why we don't want the app to look hairy, depressive. We want it to be cool... " We liked the challenge and did our best, then if we really managed to build a 'cool' mobile app on food waste, well, that's not for us to say. Statistics on downloads, however, are an objective fact and they look absolutely flattering.