Words are actions

Client: Carlo Molo Foundation

Vehicle: web portal www.isabile.it

Project: Working for years with the Carlo Molo Founation, active in the field of sexology and neuroscience but above all in the study and therapy of the aphasic syndrome, we realized of how Wittgenstein was wright by saying “words are actions”. Especially for us communicators (?) used to manipulate words, forge them and treat them with lightness. There's something charming in this, none tries to deny it, however is likewise important to realize the downside, the fact that words may also become obstacles hard to overtake. After all, desperation is also made of words too. The website Isabile.it, of witch we minded the restoration, has been realized in order to be easily used by those who, as the aphasics, have a complicated relationship with words as sounds and signs. No matter how hard you try, you're always far away from full 'isability'...