National Civil Service

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: National Civil Service- informative brochure for schools

Project: Many years ago, when national military service in Italy was still obligatory, the 'civil service' was the craved shelter for a majority of authentic pacifists and a minority of real shirked (or maybe the report was inverted...) But it was a long time ago. Today the situation is completely changed: the national service established by Napoleon has been abolished, and the civil service lasts to give youth (more than one may think) the chance to dedicate one year of their life to solidarity. Piedmont needed to build the informative tools to show the advantages Civil Service has. Beyond folders, postcards, and similar, we created a sort of diary, written by two ex-volunteers, Giulia and Fabrizio, narrating dreams, hopes and emotions but also notions, competencies and working skills learned during the great adventure of Civil Service.