Nel continente nero

Client: Enzo B Association

Vehicle: Promotional message for the direct marketing campaign of the Enzo B Association

Project: How to enter politely in the Italian's houses and convince them to support one of the most professionals NPO committed in support activities, international adoptions and distance prop of numerous poor countries, especially Africans? But, above all, how to convince them avoiding the same old rhetorical 'guilt-feeling' of the dusty huts and of the wide-eyed children? Simple, using humor and the collective folkloristic memory, here represented by a old by glorious song by Edoardo Vianello....  Hundreds of thousands of italian family received an anti- rhetorical folding that recited in the cover: “Nel continente nero... (paraponzi ponzi po) Enzo B li aiuta davvero (Se non credete venite quaggiù... ù... ù... ù)”