Piedmont Pocket

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: Piedmont Pocket guide made for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin

Project: “14 unforgettable experiences for those how have little time and huge curiosity”. Piedmont Pocket is a particular paperback guide, in which practicality meets the attention for graphic details. In the 32 pages of this booklet, we selected 14 suggestions to convey 14 different Piedmontese aspects, from golf clubs to wine houses, including worship places and contemporary art museums. Short and evocative texts, telephone numbers and useful addresses, a valuable double-face map (on one side the regional wine&food excellences, on the other the olympic mountains district): those are the strength of a product realized in three languages (italian, english, french) that has met great favor between the tourists who visited Piedmont during the Olympics.