Integrated digital platforms

To day only a part (we are talking of about one third) of the active presence in the digital environments abide by the so called open web, that means what rotates around Google, while the remaining part (two third) belong to the social-medial closed ambient (social network, instant messenger, etc...). This means that nowadays talking only about web doesn't have much sense and that, instead, we should talk about integrated digital platform, that is an interconnected structure composed by web portal, mobile app, social pages (Fb, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, etc...) and much more.

It's worth to underline some fundamental advantages of this integrated strategy:

- the semantic activity on social media (close ambient) support the 'floating' of the website in the search engines (open web);

- social networks are real time communication tools that allow, to whom communicates, to monitor with precision and promptness the evolution of communication processes. Thanks to this prerogative, the undertaken initiatives are constantly rethought, reformulated and improved not on the base of subjective opinions but on objective, measurable and opportune data (feedback), acquired through social with all the grate possibility in terms of customer satisfaction, image coming back and eventually economic upturn coming from it;

- thanks to iterated platforms and social media activity, the communication process grows up to include the previous and following steps of the authentic interaction with the interlocutor, that is 'engaged' before the 'real' direct networking starts and remains involved even when the contact is closed;

- social media tools allow to start the so called co-creative process: basically it's about let the interlocutors cooperating to the projectile evolution of our own initiatives, let them tell us how they want them to be. Interlocutors are happy because they feel them selves involved, taken into account; the platform holder is in turn satisfied because collects useful suggestion on how to improve and however has its pulse on what interlocutors really want;

- the use of digital technologies allows the trigging of a mutual promotion dynamic, by virtue of witch the platform holder contributes in publishing and increase the value of his interlocutors who, in turn, will do the same with the platform holder's qualities.

Those are the reasons why at Pensativa we don't talk anymore only about websites or portals but, instead, we focus on integrated platforms. And not because we dislike big words, but just because acting otherwise would be unfair and unproductive.