Porphirius depliant

Client: Porphirius

Vehicle: presentation folder of the new image bank  www.porphirius.it

Progetto: When 'words are enough': for a new images bank, pictures could be nothing but fundamental. That's why, for Porphirius, presentation folder, we studied a format that points himself out with one glance:  the cuts in the middle of each page can be over lined to form the shape of a camera shutter. Porphirius: the hole with the image bank all around. Well, everybody likes it. We challenge you: choose a particular chaotic desk and put a Porphirius folder on it, paying attention that it's not too visible. Than let one of the most inattentive between all of your friends interested in photography pass by and verify if, after a quick look, he doesn't pick up our very own folder. 'What's this..?'
If it doesn't happened write to our complaints office...