Real issue of the fuel distribution net

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: informative brochure on fuels

Project: At his eleventh edition 'Il Punto' (Te Point) in the practical guide for all the operators in the oil industry. Main characteristic of the publication is the high concentration of quali-quantitative data, rationalized in very complex charts. It has been the intrinsic nature of the product if self that gave birth to our challenge: how to disseminate statistical and scientific informations, without scarfing visual pleasure? Simple, not inhibiting our creativity. Here it comes the cover which reminds at a gas station, that dripping oil on the blue background creates the 'point' of the head, while the opening pages of each chapter evoke, trough the use of winsome silhouettes, the typical environments of fuel (the distributor, the highway, the oil pipeline, etc...). And the famous charts? Here our work took advantage of the high mandates of info-graphic: aesthetics at useful service. And so, 'playing' with fonts and colors, we went straight to the 'Point'.