Sojourns and itineraries - Piedmont narrates himself

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: catalogue of the truistic packages proposed by the Piedmontese ATL for the 2006 Olympiads in Turin.

Project: Who said that a catalogue has to be just a mere list? During the 2006 Winter Olympiads, the different Piedmontese ATL prepared some sojourn packages to let the tourists know their territory. Pensativa not just limited it self in collecting and wrapping them in a neat graphic look, but enriched the booklet with a little anthology of narrative introductions: short evocative texts to allow the reader to 'taste' and imagine him self in different corners of the region even before their arrival. From the legend of the 'Devil bridge' in the Lanzo valley, to the mythical Wasler of Valesia, or the unsuccessful siege  the Barbarossa attempted in Alessandria, or even the Yeti adventures in the Sestiere snow... A curios and funny journey, between true stories and fictional anecdotes, that line after line accompanies the reader discovering the most unusual Piedmont.