Sommi brand

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: realization of a quality regional brand in the restoration field

Project: Art. 4 'Discipline pursuit of the activities of food and drink administration...Bla, bla bla... 'how to translate this bore in a tradename of highly-digestible memory? To accomplish the job we resorted to a resource even Hegel appreciated: synthesis. So, here it come 'Sommi', a downright wordplay, mixing two informations: in one hand, indeed, he indicates the referring branch (these are the first letter of the word somministrazione, which means , administer), on the other hand it refers to the excellence of those who receive the mark ('sommi', in facts, in italian it's used also with the meaning of 'the best'). Than to the name we matched an icon: a mountain (or the Mole?) with a star on top, that symbolize the importance of staying on the peak, of being the best master in restoration field... Yes, best masters... we know we may not be it, but we do our best not to leave our clients with bad taste in their mouths.