Stradivaridesign Web Platform

Cliente:Stradivari Design

Strumento: new web platform

Progetto: what would you have done in the role of Luca Stradivari, a direct descendant of the legendary Antonio Stradivari, and David Bodino, Luca's inseparable friend and inspired Italian designer? Probably you would have committed to continuing the tradition of excellence of the ancestor, trying to bring the magic of those incredible violins to a multiplicity of other design objects (including buildings in this category, since the two are also responsible for architecture). That's exactly what they did, with gratifying results. Today all over the world the Stradivari name is not only synonymous with legendary violin making, but also of Italian design 'over the top'. We have given a helping hand by designing their web platform and striving to live up to as much as the wild descendants of the ancestor. In the end we have succeeded, and we certainly learned a lot of things ...