Survey DuemilaVenti of Innovation

Client: SEAT Pagine Gialle

Vehicle: Construction of a survey on the future of digital communication and final report (IAB 2010)

Project: Do you remember Ashley Wilkes and Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind? The impetuous 'wind' that drove them toward each other was the unique and irrefutable one of passionate love. Ahhh love, there's nothing easier if compared with digital communication! When it comes to mob app, 3D TV, multicanality, buzz marketing, etc. everything gets complicated and two thousand and twenty, sudden and unpredictable winds start blowing... But don't lose your mind: in these moments there's need for a methodical work to outline plausible scenarios and ventilate consistent assumptions. That's what we did for DuemilaVenti of Innovation, the survey carried out for Seat PG and aimed to advocate, together with professionals of the 2010 IAB Forum, the future of digital communication and digital adv. The results are, in some way, unexpected and counter-current (Note: to consult them you don't need the anemometer, you simply need Acrobat Reader). 2020.pdf (220kb)