The camel on the roof - The metropolitan dervish

Client:  – Sufi-Way Association

Vehicle: volumes 'The Camel on the Roof' and 'The metropolitan dervish', published by Armenia

Project: It doesn't happened every day that a Sufi master's assistant calls you one afternoon saying "I have here the drafts of a book written by Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, a disciple of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Haqqani of Cyprus, fortieth Grand Master of Naqshbandi order. I'm looking for someone who rewrites it in Italian, they told me you could make it. Couldn't you?” Terror on the knife's edge: it has to be the classic job that drives you crazy.
You just have to rattle off the budget, hoping that the dervishes get scared and run away. But no, everybody's happy! "Okay, when do we start?" Months of despair follow: how can you express the concept of Râbita, the connection between disciple and master created when the first focuses on the face of the second, dissolving into his presence? What an effort ... but we learned a lot. Plus the meeting with the Sheik was absolutely unforgettable.