Trend survey on the Piedmontese craft.

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehicle: biannual publication on Piedmontese craft trend

Project: Numbers, numbers, numbers. Usually from am economic report you expect a clear synthesis: thorough technical texts, better if equipped with functional and coherent info-graphic inserts. Rarely people appeal to unusual format or tones of color: austerity grey is considered as synonymous of credibility. Pensativa doesn't subscribe this equation: even when you talk about accounts catching the eye is important, and a charming aesthetics helps the reader non to be frightened in front of data aridity. Here comes the accordion folding that every six months presents the results of the short-term survey on  Piedmontese craft. Relaxed design, 'played' headlines, creative info-graphic. The craft world is presented thought the metaphor of a set up table: when things work, champagne and lobsters, during crisis periods mineral water and a piece of bread...