• Think about it

    If we were a law firm or an engineers studio we would like to emphasize that, beyond the necessary technical skills and a particular virtuosity in using logical connectives, we give way to emotions, to feelings, and the so called 'reason of the heart'. But, instead, we're communicators, and therefore proud of not being forced by the aesthetics of puns, proud of being able to think carefully, to mind the content, to think around things without stopping at the first expedient, no matter how charming it is. By our nature, we distrust those who exhort us to follow the instinct. True friends are those who tell us:" think about it, carefully...." And then, who said that thought has to be pedantic? The name 'Pensativa' comes from Clare Fischer's bossa nova, that in us inspirits only delicate and graceful thoughts.

  • Massimo Morelli

    He made his bed, and now...

    The 'Murèl' darts on the cobblestones of Via Cesare Battisti with his city-bike: at full speed he is going to a meeting. A cigar in his right hand, the agenda in his left and the cell phone stuck between shoulder and ear. How the hell does he not fall?

    Balance and coordination, gentlemen... Just like in his job, when he has to manage between hundreds of  different ideas and projects. Communication world is full of blockages, traffic is chaotic and unpredictable. Therefore our cyclist appeals to his creative drive to take alternative routes and ever new roads.

    Colleagues follow on the heel, and it couldn't be otherwise: Murèl is the enthusiastic captain of a tight group on the run from triviality.

  • Adriana Ramundo

    When there's a creative emergency, Pensativa turns into a Sylvester Stallone's movie. A desperate cry echoes in the offices: "Adrianaaaa!"
    Don't worry, she'll take care: logos, animations, websites, coordinated images ... Adriana knows how to interpret the client wishes, how to give them a visible form. Feminine intuition? Maybe, but there's more: as every art knows, to copy from one is plagiarism, to copy from more than one is research... Now add Soviet  Stakanovism and undeniable charm, and you will understand why Ramundo is the most - not only professionally speaking - courted art director in town.
    But, for our joy and the envy of everybody else, we keep her close, very close.

  • Cristiano Barbero

    A very approachable guy, with a great hand.
    Borns engraver, grows painter, and turns out graphic almost 26: this is the path of Barbero from Moriondo, tortuous and unpredictable as a mountain stream.

    From the early age his restorer father introduces him to the secrets of the chisel. Than The Academy of Fine Arts hones his skills and expertise, bequeathing him a Michelangelo's hand and an incurable perfectionism. In the end, since you cannot live only on paintbrush, the ineffable master Giuseppe Errico educates him in the art of mouse. From here comes an enigmatic graphic, someone who never does what you expect and you never expect what he does.

    Talent that he pours out in his deepest passion, the pool in Goriziana version. Try challenging him, but do not bet more than a beer...