Wide-breath Operation

Client: Regione Piemonte

Vehiclecross-media campaign (print + posting + direct mail + radio) to spread the anti-pollution measures taken by Regione Piemonte

Project: It is not easy for a public corporation to communicate decisions that may be 'unpopular'. The serious situation of air pollution in Piedmont forced the Region to adopt a series of drastic and decisive measures: among these, the total blockage of circulation for the oldest and polluting vehicles, 'mitigated' with an scraping incentive. How to explain people the necessity of these measures? Pensativa thought to ask them a simple question: "Lungs or car, what do you prefer to scrap?". Not surprisingly, the whole campaign was called 'Wide-Breath Operation'. As the traffic officer says at the end of the radio commercial: "Get it? Let's get back to breathe. "